Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lillo Brancato, Jr and his Second Act

This is an interesting man-on-the-street interview with the actor Lillo Brancato, Jr...known in police circles as the man who killed off-duty Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui. In a botched Bronx robbery, one of New York's Finest was killed as he tried to thwart the burglary of a neighbor's home.

Some of you might recognize Brancato: his larger roles consist of being in A Bronx Tale and The Sopranos.
His other role consisted of him becoming a drug addict, and in the course of those decisions, taking the life of another man.
When news broke this week of his being hired in a new film, the NYPD Family was understandably upset. Where was the fairness in this? How come he got another chance? Daniel would never get that. Officer Enchautegui died at the age of 28, after only three years on the force.
It speaks to his character that he even tried to do the right thing, while off-duty, in order to serve his fellow man. This week, PBA President Pat Lynch called for a boycott of Brancato's film.
The head of the city’s police union is calling for a boycott of an upcoming flick that includes actor Lillo Brancato, who did prison time for his role in an infamous Bronx cop-killing.

According to the New York Post:
“We will never be able to forgive and forget the role that junkie Lilo [sic] Brancato played in the death of hero Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui,’’ PBA President Pat Lynch seethed in a statement Tuesday — after The Post exclusively revealed that the actor had landed his first movie role since being released from prison.
“To that end, we ask all right-thinking people not to support this thug’s acting career by avoiding this movie and any project in which he is involved,” Lynch said.
The movie, a boxing epic called “Back in the Day,’’ is due out next spring.
Read full article here:

My thoughts? My thoughts are numerous. I hate drug addicts. I hate drugs. I hate the idea of this young Officer being killed...I hate injustice...I hate the idea of so many actors I know---really talented actors---not getting much-deserved offers when someone who squandered their talent, and their life, gets a shot at Act Two.
But I am not God; I can make sweeping pronouncements and judgements all day long...but in the end, God will see the unseen. Only God knows the heart.
That said, I will not be seeing this film. I feel as if it's the very least I can do in honor of a good man:
Officer Daniel Enchautegui.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Power of Music

Sometimes I will write something totally off-topic here, having nothing to do with being a Cop's Wife, current Police Politics, or anything even marginally blue.
I'm allowed. After all, it's my blog.
I just heard a song that I hadn't heard in years; at least a decade, maybe more.
As I stood in my kitchen, singing every single word, noting and marveling at how I still seemed to know it by heart...I not only knew the words, but I felt the feelings that I had felt, oh-so-long ago...the scent of that time gone by...the perspective shifted, but the
And that's the power of music.
I never underestimate it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yet Another

The current mayor (small M on purpose) of New York City LOVES, LOVES, and might I say LOVES to waste other people's time and money. Since time is money, and money is time...I think it's safe to say he wastes both.
The New York Post just wrote an article about the latest example of serious waste: the brand-new, three day, 35-million-dollar debacle that they're calling "smart policing."
I truly don't think this mayor has even half a clue about smart policing. 
Of all the ridiculous things this retraining is meant to offer, this one galls me the most:
Cops should “take a deep breath’’ — and close their eyes — when dealing with angry people, according to the NYPD’s new "retraining" program.

Now, that's SMART POLICING. What could be smarter than CLOSING YOUR EYES when dealing with an angry person in the middle of an arrest? Does this make sense to anyone, anywhere?! I think it's safe to say that you don't have to be a cop's wife/mother/girlfriend, etc. to know just how incredibly stupid this sounds.
Perhaps we could all go on a Yoga Retreat together, sometime mid-arrest, but before you receive your ergonomically correct slippers from Riker's Island.
What do you think? Think that's a 35-million dollar idea?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When I see you...

When I see you on the street, and we make eye contact, know that I see in you my husband...freezing outside on a CRV post...getting asked all kinds of questions from tourists in Times Square...wary, perhaps...hungry...feeling as if you're not seen at all.
When I see you dotting the landscape of Grand Central Terminal, know that I am happy to see you the Penn Station...know that if I see you and smile, it might be the only encouragement I have to offer at that moment, but I see you.
Even if the Brass has not a clue, your family does...and we appreciate you in a way the public never can.
Even if we only say it with a quick smile...know that your presence is appreciated.
Especially when it's twelve degrees outside.

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