Monday, July 14, 2014


Apparently some flaming piece of garbage thought that a great way to seek notoriety would be to kill a cop in Jersey City this weekend. This defies not only logic, but the basic human compassion that most people are born with: "Hey Pals! Let's say we shoot a cop this weekend so we can lead the Evening News!"
Great idea.
Now there is a 23-year-old rookie cop shot and killed. A family decimated.
Police returned fire, killing the scumbag suspect.
That's good news. The good people of New Jersey should not have to pay to keep this animal alive while Officer Santiago is unable to enjoy the same benefit.
That said, I am saddened to think that this individual felt that this would be a great way to get his name in the papers.
Officer Melvin Santiago. That's the only name worth mentioning here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Although the weather in the Northeast has been rainy, stormy, and wet...I'm hoping to see the fabulous NYC Fireworks display tonight on television...and I hope wherever you are in America that you enjoy a stellar Fourth of July Weekend.
That said, I heard a very old song this morning that some of you might know as well: America by Neil Diamond. What jumped out at me was this lyric: Freedom's light burning warm.
I am so very blessed to live in America.
This Holiday I encourage you: do you have a dream? Pursue it.
I still believe that anything is possible here.
May God Richly Bless and every day.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Feel the Same

After having a child, I still feel the same way that I did about my dog.
This might not seem like news to some people, but for those of you who are not in the Puppy/Person Mom Circle (I'm calling it that; not sure it exists) I feel I have a duty to clue you in.
I cannot count the sheer volume of people who told me---insisted, even---that once I had a child, I would no longer feel the same way about my dog.
"Whatever you feel for your dog, you'll feel a million times more for your child!" They would announce, eyes glazed over, a knowing look on their face.
I even had someone who is obviously mentally ill tell me, "I hate my dog now."
Something to look forward to, right? As if a pregnant woman doesn't have enough unknowns on her plate: let's just throw that one on the pile. The one soul that loves you unconditionally becomes a lesser being in the minds (and apparently the hearts) of Moms Around The Town...and we are supposed to say, what?
God, I'm looking forward to that! Oh, to only have room for one person in my heart...YAY!
(Insert sarcastic emoticon here)
If you are expecting, or even thinking about it...and you find yourself unsure as to how you will feel about your family pet, let me offer you this alternative avenue of thought: Old is like Drunk.
Did you ever hear someone say that a cantankerous old person is nasty simple because he or she is old? I always disagree and say that person was nasty when they were young: old is like drunk, it just magnifies whoever it is that you already are.
If you're a happy person as a general rule, you're probably a happy drunk. And if you're a nasty person...a nasty drunk is sure to follow.
So where's the connection, you ask? Hang in there...I'm getting to it.
If you loved your dog and considered him/her a family member before you had a child, you will in fact continue to love your dog, and even though you may have less individual time for your pooch, the fabulous thing about dogs is that they love you no matter what. So don't worry. And don't listen to other people's experiences. They're theirs. Yours is yours alone.
Most people find that they have room in their heart for more than one being; the majority of dog owners I know are not species-prejudiced.
You might even find, when that beloved baby is crying, teething, and tugging at your leg...that your love for your dog grows. Because they don't ask for much. They need food, love, and water. A walk, a ball...a rub on the belly every now and again.
And trust me when I say that you should take the time and rub that belly. You'll be better for it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I am simply amazed by the amount of discretion, or lack thereof, that I am seeing exhibited online by my fellow Police Wives.
The other night I was checking the Facebook News Feed and I saw several Police Wives post pictures of their husbands, in full uniform, standing outside their police cars, some with their child in their arms, actually posing for a picture.
It blew my mind.
Please keep in mind that I am fully aware that every Police Wife doesn't deal with the same realities that I have faced: a husband thrown into an area known for high crime and gun violence, a notorious area that is often referenced when discussing the most dangerous and scary part of our City, plus a very big Police Department which in fact monitors its members Social Media.
I get it.
But aren't we all on the same page when it comes to our Officers and families being safe? With the world so connected, it scares me to see my "Sister Wives" leave so much out there.
Are there any ladies out there who agree with me? Or am I just being a paranoid New Yorker?
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