Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I was coming home from class on the train last night and just happened to strike up a conversation with two people who were also eating dinner at 9:45 pm. If you could classify eating dinner as shoveling fistfuls of popcorn in your mouth, and chomping on overpriced eats from that great eatery called You Were Open Late.
But I digress.
It was a fabulous conversation most likely to be had in NYC: a Italian-American we'll call me; a self-proclaimed liberal Jewish woman who had true NYC grit all over her face, and an African-American man who seemed interested yet overwhelmed by these two talkative ladies.
We started chatting about where we were coming from; all of us hustling as most New Yorkers do. The conversation was bold and honest as we talked work, politics, and New York City's Failed Mayor. (Do I really need to mention his name?)
I talked about my Blog, my Show, and being a voice for the #NYPD.
I asked with curiosity: "How many active duty Members do you think are in the NYPD?"
One of them said six and the other said eight thousand.
There are currently somewhere around 35,000 active duty Members in the NYPD.
They were both surprised and perhaps shocked; it usually takes a while for people to understand the real breadth and scope of our police force, and how it truly is like no other.
What's funny is this: we had an honest discussion about police misconduct/brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, the murders of Ramos and Liu, and the things that the Media would lead you to believe that we cannot talk about...not today...not without shouting or berating each other...and I daresay we all enjoyed our talk.
I pointed out that if there are 35,000 Members in the NYPD and you hear about...let's say 10 "bad" cops...what kind of percentage is that?
I sought after them: "Then is it okay to paint the Police with a broad brush, assuming that...all cops are a certain way?"
I hope I left them with food for thought.
I know I left them feeling good about New York, and New Yorkers in particular.
Life is tough, the country is in chaos, and I just heard about another terror attack today in London.
But there are still moments when an exchange of ideas and a friendly smile (not to mention bad late night food) might connect us all.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Pic from NYC Magazine

For those of you not on Twitter, I've been trending all day.
Actually, since last night.
As I tweeted earlier: "I am taking the country by storm!"
(Insert eye roll here)
Of course, I think I'm funny.
That said: it's a little less of a HaHa that I have no idea if my husband will make it home tonight.We are still accumulating snow right here in the Sixth Borough and although it's not the huge flakes that were hitting the ground at breakneck speed earlier today, I have a funny feeling that this stuff that's happening now is going to turn to ice.
So as everyone else enjoys the day in, I will join you in baking, but my mind is elsewhere, and my heart is always with the men and women of the #NYPD who don't get Snow Days.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's Up to You

Today I was rushing a bit; I was trying to meet my brother's girlfriend for a quick cup of coffee before my class, and on the way there I popped into a salad place to grab a quick bite to have with my java. I was standing on line, playing with my phone, when someone stepped directly in front of me and practically pressed her face up to the glass, checking out all the options.
My 20-year old self probably would have reacted with a nasty sarcastic comment, said loudly, directed towards anyone who would listen.
My 30-year old self would have settled for a huff and an eye-roll, perhaps some form of audible sigh and/or jeer.
My 40-something-current-day-self gave an internal shrug, and although I wasn't thrilled, simply let it go. When the Female Salad Concoctioner asked who was next, I stepped up and said, "me" ---mostly because I was trying to meet someone on time.
As I was picking my various toppings, it occurred to me that the Line Cutter was pointing to her choices and then trying to make sounds as the Male Salad Magician did his magic.
In a New York Minute I realized that the Line Cutter was deaf.
I grabbed my salad, met Ari for a coffee, and made it to class on time.
After class I was craving an ice-cold Snapple. I dropped into a Rite Aid, and as I was getting on line, there was a homeless man directly behind me, putting a big pack of Depends on top of his cart.
And it struck me: the need for this item was quite possibly because he didn't always have access to a bathroom.
I was at Register 8, he was four behind me, but as soon as I paid for my Snapple, I told the girl who was ringing me up to please go give my credit card to the person who was checking out the man at Register 4. I told her to tell him that his purchase was being paid for by someone else. The man figured it out quickly, as the place wasn't packed, and when our eyes met, he smiled and thanked me.
I put my fingers to my mouth as if to say, "ssshhh"---like it was our little secret.
I figured that was the very least I could do.
It's amazing how many opportunities you have in the midst of a regular old day. You have the opportunity to be an asshole; or to be someone's shining star.
It's up to you.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

New York's Boldest

Photo credit to jag9889 from flickriver
Yesterday, my son and I popped into a local store and a NYC Corrections Bus was parked outside.
Without missing a beat he pointed to the bus and said, "That's a funny bus!"
Ah, have no idea.
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