Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thank You Veterans

There aren't enough people saying THANK YOU anymore; these days, we see those can stand, sit.
Those who cannot
And yet there are the forgotten ones: to them we owe a debt of gratitude.
Thank You Veterans!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

And so it goes...

I think anyone who was alive and breathing yesterday pretty much had a good idea as to how things were going to go with the 2017 Mayoral Race in NYC.
The problem is: there were no good choices this time around.
Nicole Malliotakis put up a good fight, but had bad optics from the outset: a 36-year-old female from Staten Island...and a Republican.
In New York City, that won't win you a race, no matter how good you are.
Sal Albanese, a seasoned politician, wasn't even able to debate the current so-called Mayor, and therefore relegated to a lot less eyes and ears directed his way.
Bo Dietl---who I would have loved to love---former NYPD, etc. got off a few great one-liners here and there, but never seemed to really gain any traction.
And now we are stuck once again with a hapless, hopeless, callous individual who potentially makes my husband and every single NYPD Officer less safe, simply by allowing and contributing to a culture of Cop Hate. I am saddened and disappointed beyond measure; it seems that people want something for nothing more often these days than they even attempt to care about right vs. wrong.
May God Help Us All.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Election Eve

It's Election Eve in NYC...and I'm hoping against hope.
I'm desperately hoping that the utter failure we now have in office pretending to be the Mayor of New York City is going to go down in flames tomorrow.
The polls and my gut are telling me that it probably won't happen.
That we, the #NYPDFamily, are about to suffer another round of ridiculousness, and that my husband and so many other brave Police Officers will have to once again serve under a so-called Mayor who has no respect for their sacrifice.
Here's to hoping I'm wrong.
And as I always say: May the BEST PERSON WIN.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Privacy Matters

Recently, I was at an event where I had an opportunity to meet a lawmaker from Westchester County, New York. For those of you not from NYC or the Tristate Area, it is the county directly north of NYC, bordering the Bronx.
Jim Chisholm was a nice enough guy who seemed truly passionate about his County, so even though I normally bash Bill de Blasio every chance I get/interview anyone and everyone who's looking to take his place...I decided to give this candidate a minute.
Why? Because it effects all of us. All of the Police Families you know...and then some.
In December 2012, the Journal News (a Westchester County newspaper) decided to publish the names and addresses of handgun permit holders — a total of 33,614 — in two suburban counties, Westchester and Rockland, and put maps of their locations online.
The maps, which appeared with the article “The Gun Owner Next Door: What You Don’t Know About the Weapons in Your Neighborhood,” received more than one million views on the Web site of The Journal News.
I find this appalling.
Beyond the pale.
As a Police Family, you and I both know how much privacy matters. There are tons of crazy individuals out there just waiting for a perfect opportunity to "get back at" the police officer who arrested them. And this interactive map gave criminals an opportunity to do it even easier, with no thought to those who protect and serve the very community that publishes such trash.        
Thankfully, there was huge backlash and the Journal News lost a lot of readers, as the Blue Community has no use for an agenda-laden paper that puts a target on their backs. However---and this is the part I find most interesting---the county directly north of Westchester, Putnam County, decided that they would not release the names or give away any data regarding local gun permit holders.
When I spoke to Jim, we talked about both privacy and accountability.
Jim: My goal is to preserve the integrity of the Clerk's Office. What happened with the Journal News should have never have happened. Yes, those records are publicly available, but to put them out there with an interactive map was totally irresponsible.
Stella: Agreed. Not only for Police Families, but what about a victim of domestic violence, who may have opted to get a legal permit in order to protect herself?
Jim: Exactly. I support the Police in this County and I am thankful for their service. They shouldn't have to be looking over their shoulder in their own home.
Stella: I have a friend whose address never made it on the list; he was lucky, as it could have been an extremely dire situation for him as he's an Undercover Officer.
Jim: That's exactly what I'm talking about. Privacy and accountability.  It matters.
Stella: I'm with you.

I had one last question for him; a softball of sorts, just a little something to get to know the candidate.
Stella: Jim, I visited the Winter Wonderland at the Kensico Dam Park when it first opened, a few seasons ago. I expected something more like Bryant Park in NYC. If I visit again, could I expect to see some upgrades or changes? It feels like they have a lot of space and could do a lot more with it. I know that's not what the County Clerk is responsible for, but being in Westchester County government, I was just curious.
Jim: Well, the Westchester Parks Foundation runs that event, and I'm hoping they expand it too. I agree that there's a lot of opportunity there to make it a bigger tourist attraction.

All in all, my conversation with Jim Chisholm was a good one. He made it clear that he cares about the people who police his county. If you live in Westchester County, don't forget to vote in your local elections. Local elections matter as a Police Family. And Blue Lives matter where you live.
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