Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Time

It's Time...time to talk about being a Cop Wife. It's been four years now, and my life has changed completely. My schedule, my marriage, my sleep patterns, my leisure time, the way I view the world around's all changed. And I can't keep it inside anymore. So I deign to share it with you; other Cop Wives and anyone who is interested...buckle your seat belt, get ready, because there's no mincing words up ahead, and it or ticket!!


  1. Guess I'm the first! Click It or Ticket TV spots make all drivers look like idiots with tickets flying all around the vehicle and sticking to them like nicotine patches. WTF? The White Plains buses show a burly, bearded biker type cop in a short sleeve cop shirt and his arms crossed as if to say, "Ticket or I'm Gonna F**k you UP!!" CONGRATS STELLLLAAAAAAAAA!!

  2. Hi. I of course found you via Mrs. Fuzz at a police wife. I haven't read all your posts but I started working on it and boy, do you have me confused! I can't wait to read everything in order so I can figure it all out. :)


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