Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Thing After the Next

Day Three was more of the same, except when he got out of the Academy that day and headed into the business, he found out that his father had broken a machine.

And a client's order was all screwed up.

And the whole place was in chaos: they were a ship without a Captain, and the business was bearing the brunt of Rocco's choice. His mother insisted they had it all under control, but whether they did or they didn't...Roc found himself feeling totally overwhelmed by the juggling of his two worlds.

He felt guilty, he felt pulled in two directions, he was anxious, and he was really second-guessing himself.

"Just get through the Academy. You can do this," I reminded him of his game plan gently over dinner.

"And then what? Watch my family business go down the tubes, just so I can pursue some childhood fantasy?" He grumbled and pushed his plate away. "I don't know if I can do this."

Sometimes a wife's job is to be silent, grab her husband's hand, and squeeze it.

I did just that.


  1. While my husband was in the Academy, his mother attempted suicide, his father had a heart attak and many more disasters! He felt the same. While he was finally pursuing his lifelong dream the world seemed to be crashing down around him. I'd like to think that I helped him pull through so he could graduate. Where would they be without us?!

  2. This isn't much help gals! T-rex (DH) is at the academy right now. I have to say it has been a storm of bad from day one. No one ever told me this would be as much training for me as it has been for him.


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