Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Arrest

It didn't take too long for Rocco to make his first arrest. Unfortunately, it was one he felt conflicted about, and in the end, would rather not have made.
Roc and his partner took a call for a family dispute. Upon arrival, they found a "punk-ass kid" (their words) fighting with his grandfather. The grandfather insisted to Roc that he was just trying to convince his 19-year-old grandson to straighten up and fly right, but the grandson insisted that they arrest the grandfather for assaulting him.
Prior to their arrival, the grandson had been mouthing off to his grandmother. The grandfather stepped in and insisted that the kid not speak to his wife that way. One thing led to another and the grandfather smacked the grandson.
They arrested the grandfather. The entire time the grandson was still mouthing off, while the grandmother cried softly in the background. After figuring out how to use two sets of handcuffs together as one, they escorted this big man towards the car. The man began complaining of chest pains. They took the man to the hospital. While receiving treatment, this man unloaded his whole heart, while Roc stood by, listening patiently. Apparently, this man's daughter was a crack addict, and had left the grandson in his care as she pursued a life of degradation and hopelessness. The grandfather was an old-school guy and not adverse to putting his hands on a kid, if the kid needed a little touching up. Roc and his partner exchanged a glance over the prisoner's head: this seemed a case of a man at wit's end; not a case of full-blown parental abuse.
It saddened Roc and made him think about the fact that he had to arrest this man; it was not a choice. It was his first arrest, but it wasn't one that made him proud.
My initial response was to take him in, see both sides, and commiserate with him about the legalities and the outcome. My next thought was of Rocco: I wondered if he knew that he was a good cop already.

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  1. Wow! as far as I know T-rex has not arrested anyone yet. But I am sure it is only a matter of time. I hope that he is able to be okay with his first one, but at the same time I hope he never forgets that good people have to deal with blind Laws, and it is not always RIGHT, but he must do what is right.


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