Monday, November 15, 2010

From Bad to Worse

There are four to five precincts that encompass the area we affectionately call SoB.
Roc was currently in a busy house that served an ailing neighborhood.
He got moved to a precinct house that was considered even worse sometime that July.

The good news was that he got moved with the guy who had become his partner in his first house. They buddied up and went together to the new place. In the old House, they had to share a locker; now they were able to each get their very own. This place even had toilet paper stock.

The bad news was that it was more of the same. Roc had the impression that he would be able to get off of a foot post; he would be in a car more, and learn more about police work. The bad news was that there were less cops in his new precinct, therefore, if a cop was in trouble, it took longer to get help. Initially, he felt unsafe. Moreover, he became discouraged.

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