Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the House...

Eventually the guys went back to the House to call it a night. Roc was still miffed by the exchange with Jamal. There was talk in the locker room about "taking it down to the garage" and settling it old-school style. Roc's partner made it very clear to anyone who would listen that he had brown skin and did not appreciate Jamal's outburst. The general consensus was that everyone sided with Roc.

It was simply an unfortunate incident.

Or did it speak to a bigger problem: Suburbs vs. Inner-city? White vs. Black? Vs. Brown? Young vs. Old? Mature vs. Immature?

Or did they really all bleed blue---when the chips were down---did none of it matter very much at all?

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  1. From my experience, as cops we tend to represent a cross-section of society, albeit a cross-section of mostly type A personalities.

    But you can pick any attribute in society at large and find it in any police department. And yes, that means there are racist cops... of every color. That said, they are the minority. Most of us bleed blue. But because most of us bleed blue does that mean I trust everyone behind a badge? No ma'am.


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