Wednesday, November 17, 2010


And so it came that Roc and Ivan and two other guys that made up their foursome got moved to midnights. To say I was unhappy would be a huge understatement.
Roc was unhappy about the way they were notified: the night they told him, he was on a foot post with three out of his four. A Sergeant rolled up on them right before end of tour and said, "Guys, I have bad news. You're all moving to midnights. See you back at the house."
Or some variation thereof...Roc was pissed. Ivan was away, but upon gathering more information he realized he had to call him; he needed to know that when he returned he would be starting with a new shift. Ivan was pissed. Apparently, it was what it was...they were the new guys, and they needed bodies on the midnight shift. End of story.
The real problem was how this latest change was going to effect our story: adversely was a sophisticated way of saying that it sucked.
Keep in mind that I am a Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer. Prime Time in my industry is usually about 4-9pm. That's when the majority of the world gets out of work and hustles to the gym, or home, where I pop in to train them before or after dinner. So I knew what was going to happen: Roc would work Midnight until about 8am. He would come home to sleep---I would be up, perhaps home, perhaps out---then right about when he woke up, I would be out training people. I would re-enter the house about 9/9:30 pm, and he would be walking out the door about ten. Not to mention the fact that we would no longer be sleeping together.


  1. Suggested edit: "we would no longer be sleeping in the same bed together". Good grief, I hope you didn't stop sleeping together.


  2. LOL!
    Of course, we are still married, so...we worked it out!
    ;) SCW Stella

  3. And I decided not to change's much more fun to make people wonder...!
    :) SCW Stella


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