Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to...The Wedding

It's safe to say that I never looked worse for a wedding in my entire life. Usually, you spend the time and wear the glam makeup and get the hair done, knowing you're going to be photographed or at the very least end up somewhere on the video.
I literally had no time.
Once we jumped back into the car and headed over to the other resort, time ticking unusually fast, I tried to fix my hair and watch for signs at the same time. It was a no-go, to say the least. We got into the resort, threw the car into a spot, and then headed directly into the lobby, unsure of where to go. Disney being what it is, nobody knew a damn thing about the wedding I was about to miss. I made a turn or two, then was lucky enough to spot a couple of guys walking down a nearby corridor that appeared to be wearing suits or tuxes. I decided to follow them, hoping they might know something.
As I closed the distance between myself and the tux-wearers, I realized that one of the guys was my friend Paolo, the intended! I let out a WHOOP and gathered him in a quick hug, trying not to wrinkle him. He was just then heading out to walk down the aisle. We started following him, then realized we couldn't exactly walk out with him. We took a quick turn and came around the back end, giving us less than one minute to tramp across the lawn and get seats before he took his walk down the aisle.
Once seated, I started to breathe somewhere close to normal. Paolo had already made his way up the aisle and we were now waiting for Zinone to arrive in the Cinderella Carriage. I made eye contact with a friend of Z: I could see the concern on her face as she mouthed, 'What Happened?!' I waved her off; I would tell and retell this story for years to come.

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