Friday, December 10, 2010

The Wedding VI

We hit the ground running.
Well, limping.
OK, driving. Hubby was driving and I was trying hard to check out the Florida signage: we were staying right inside the Disney resort, so this should be easy, right?
Ever get lost inside Disney?
Check-in for the hotel is in a separate building than the actual hotel rooms. We threw the car in Park and ran in, eager to get the keys and get changed and get over to the other Disney resort where the wedding was taking place. Of course, it wasn't about to take place at ours...why could life be that easy? So after wading through mobs of people at check-in, we grabbed the keys and high-tailed it over to the room, which took getting back in the car and making a right, three lefts, a U-turn, a right get the picture. We found the room and entered quickly, throwing all of our things on the bed and then battling each other to get into the bathroom. I had less than forty minutes left. No time to do hair. Okay; but I had to wash the plane off my body, so I did a common Personal Trainer trick...I threw my hair in a bun and took a shower from the neck-down. I jumped out gingerly (the knee) and started on makeup while Roc took an Olympic shower (Time: 76 seconds!) and then began rummaging through the suitcase. I grabbed, he threw on, and then I decided that I only had time for a barrette.
Fourteen minutes to GO-time. My heart was pounding like a lunatic. To get this close and miss even one minute of it would totally piss me off. I'd rather miss the whole damn thing, sitting on a tarmac in Kalamazoo. (I'm strange like that, I'd rather come in tenth than second) I threw on the dreaded flats and we ran out the door.

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