Friday, January 14, 2011

Community Service

What do you think you should see community service handed down for... for what type of violation do you think that would be a sufficient sentence?




Okay: agreed.

How about biting a police officer?

How about biting a police officer, in the midst of a scuffle, so that he bleeds, and needs medical attention?

Hubby came home to tell me that this very verdict was handed down in the Bronx yesterday.

I am disgusted.


  1. I work out of a county court system that sees a volume if not as high, very close, to what Roc's system handles. And we have a similar problem. Battery to a police officer, in my state, is supposed to be an automatic felony, no matter how slight the battery. But in the county I work in, if the officer isn't incapacitated, you'd be hard pressed to see felony charges approved.

    Ironically, a similar statute protects judges from battery. And I'm willing to bet it wouldn't take much to see THAT battery be a felony. Not that I'm going to be the one to test it :)

  2. The state attorney's office in my county doesn't prosecute for battery on LEO's, he said it's part of the job! The first time my husband got hurt on the job during an arrest, I wanted to find the guy and kick his butt.

  3. My concern stems from the fact that Roc's precinct neighborhood has the highest incidence of AIDS cases per capita in all of NYC; there is also a large contingency of people who have contracted Hepatitis...and this incident was one that definitely drew blood, so I believe my concerns to be valid, and all I can say is...they're lucky this didn't happen to my husband!!
    SCW Stella


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