Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just Fine

Roc says he feels fine; a little soreness here and there, but otherwise fine.
The Perp is still in the hospital and on his way to jail.
Fine by me.

I saw someone at the gym this morning and they asked how I was doing...
...I said Fine.

And I am fine, really...but it still seems to surreal to me, that about a hop, skip, and a jump from where we live, people are beating each other senseless and drawing illegal handguns on a regular basis.

This community is at war with itself; and the news doesn't report it---by and large---because who really cares about things popping off in the 'hood?

Unless, of course, it happens in your neck of the woods.

And who says it isn't?


  1. RE: your comment about things happening in the hood that the rest of us ("rest of us") usually ignore... JB and I watched a phenomenal documentary a while back called "Made in America: Crips and Bloods" that is just amazing. A lot of history, a lot of statistics, compassionate and clear-eyed at the same time. I highly recommend if you can get your hands/eyes on a copy.

  2. I've often marveled at the very concept you bring up. You're right. There is a war going on, and nobody cares. As long as it stays away from the middle class neighborhoods, that is.

  3. Two things:
    One--no one cares until it's in their own backyard.
    Two--the nature of domestic violence is secretive; there is often intimidation and threats if people outside the "family" know what goes on behind closed doors...my point is...just because you live in a "nice" community...doesn't mean it's not happening there too.

    Also thanks to Pam for the head's-up; I'll look for it.
    SCW Stella


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