Monday, January 31, 2011


In the years since 9/11, police in New York have thwarted at least nine major terrorist plots.

Last night, Roc was home and wanted to watch a new special on the Nat Geo Channel, entitled Counterterror NYC. I began protesting by reminding him gently that he was not at work, and therefore should leave work at work. I continued my argument by pointing out the hot Betty White Valentine's Day movie that was no avail. The truth is, he's rarely ever off on a Sunday night, and either way, doesn't have a ton of Veg-out time. I looked at him after my initial counter-television, and folded pretty quickly. He really wanted to watch the show.

I DVR'ed Betty.

Peering over the brim of my magazine, I eventually ended up getting sucked in myself. The show of force scenes (called CRV by the NYPD) is something that Roc is regularly brought into Manhattan to be a part of; every New Yorker is now familiar with the many police cars all charging down the street at the same time, at any given moment, to various points in NYC.

I have to admit to sometimes getting a little tight in the chest when I see it; I know what it's for, and it saddens me to think that this is a necessary part of life now in NYC...ever since 9/11, even seemingly little things like this have changed.

I say all this to say...that it was nice to see what my husband is a part of on a daily basis. It was nice to see that cops can be treated with respect, and that it's not always the way that it is in SoB.

I think that's why Roc really wanted to watch the show: to remind himself that it's not always like it is in his one-block radius of almost constant crime and degradation. That he's part of a much bigger picture.

As if he could forget.


I also wanted to wish a quick HBD to UB: may the year ahead be filled with all the things that make you happiest! You're the best!


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