Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary

A year or two's a triumph
Tack on a few more
and maybe there's an award somewhere
Who knows?
I just know that
I chose you
and although I sometimes
want to step off the roller coaster, and stop wearing so many hats, a wife, a friend, a lover, your confidant, a puppy Mom, the chef, the planner, the one who keeps our social calendar, the one who deals with the parents, the family members, the wayward people who step in and out and cause us grief and pain and did I mention being a Cop Wife isn't easy at all
I think about us
and I picture us on the beach
or in our bed
all curled up with no place to go
and I know
a decade later
that we're in it together
and my heart still calls out
for yours
dead of night,
light of day,
and I know beyond knowing
that I want to stay
and see it through
time playing its tricks
We're here and there
breathing it all in


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