Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Bad in the Boogie-Down

A female peacock has escaped her enclosure at New York's Bronx Zoo, two months after a deadly Egyptian cobra disappeared and was later captured by zoo workers.

Workers attempted to capture the bird Tuesday after spotting it perched on a van a few blocks from the zoo, MyFoxPhilly reports.

But the wayward creature escaped their clutches and managed to hide in tall grass. The workers tried a second time to capture the bird, but she flew off and hasn't been seen since.

Even the animals are making a statement; they all want out of the Bronx! For all those reading in the Boogie-Down Bronx: cool your heels. I don't want to hear about how YOUR section of the Bronx is a nice one---there are still some really nice sections of the Bronx---just not where Roc works, and apparently the animals know something's up if they're trying to escape too!

Hope this one made you smile...
...have a great day, and I'll keep tracking the peacock.

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