Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Big League

One day, I decided that I missed my class so much that I wanted to go back...period. I decided that missing the class was not worth my fear; so what if everyone in the class was far better than me? You tend to learn from people who are better or stronger at something than you are, right? So I contacted my acting coach and decided to go in and give it a whirl, and bat in the Big Leagues.
I had been nine months without my class. It was a long, non-creative, fairly depressing, nine months.
When I walked in, I was warmly welcomed and eventually I began to make some friends. I started talking about the things I had been circling around in my old class: how hard it was to suddenly be thrust into the role of being a police officer's wife, my fears attached to that, my hopes and dreams for the future. Eventually, these stories became pieces, and each time I got up to work in my time slot, I would work on telling my stories better, and making word pictures with my work.
This January, my classmates surrounded me with an idea: I needed to do a show in order to showcase my work. I looked at them like the bunch of raving lunatics that they are; were they kidding me? These thespians were a part of the Big League, while I was simply a girl using an acting class to emote about my Police-Wife Life.

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