Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day in Da Hood

Rocco had an arrest Saturday night. Nothing spectacular about that; unfortunately, where he works, arrests are more common than not, however, this one was especially timely.
Early evening on Saturday, Roc's squad was raised, and told to proceed to a local ball park where a father who was off his meds/high on illegal drugs/whatever decided to pull a knife on the Little League coach at his son's baseball game. Apparently, the kid struck out and began to cry, but the father decided that it was because somebody said something to his son, and then further decided to fix the situation by stabbing people. Roc had to arrest the guy---in front of his son---and came home pretty much wiped out after the incident.

In contrast, I went up to my Dad's house yesterday. He threw some Filet Mignon on the grill and I threw on a few skewers of shrimp. We talked about a little bit of everything. He's still sad; yesterday was his first Father's Day without his wife. Late last night, I convinced my brother to go with me to the local Dairy Queen where we indulged in a (usually contraband) candy-laden Blizzard.

We can have an entire conversation about how people are raised versus economic opportunity, race, living in an inner-city, money...I can go on. I'm sure we've all got opinions here. I just wanted to juxtapose these two very different scenarios, and share with you that Roc gets to have a little piece of both. Now the question is this: how does he make the transition? long can you do that before one scenario begins to overshadow another?

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