Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Significant Loss

I overheard somebody at the wake last night saying that this was a significant loss.
I think they were referring to me, and my relationship with my Grandmother.
It is.
It was.
But I found their words interesting; is another loss perhaps not as significant? And who are we to judge and rank losses, as if stacking them up in one's mind makes one easier to take than the next...?
I'm not angry; it's just a question.

Trust me: this is a significant loss. My Grandmother practically raised me. I remember telling her one time, before she lost all of her faculties: what you did was beautiful. You made every Holiday special. You made me appreciate it all as I got older and began doing my own Holidays...I suddenly realized how much work was involved, and how much energy it all took.

And I only make about half the amount of cookies she used to...what a blessing, to have had her as long as I did.

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