Monday, August 22, 2011

Supermarket Security

Last week, Roc was cruising past the supermarket in his precinct when a Security Guard flagged him down. As the security guard began explaining his need for the NYPD, a large woman in a small skirt began getting loud and going on and on about how she had just gotten towed from the parking lot of said supermarket. Apparently, this woman had parked her car in a handicapped parking spot without any tags or permits, entered the store, did her shopping, but by the time she came out...had been towed.
She was steaming, and kept trying to justify her behavior to the exasperated security guard and a level-headed police officer.
"I was just going in there for a minute! I needed to pick up something for my kids."
She felt entirely justified taking a spot meant for someone less able, her excuse being that she was 'doing it for the kids.'
Roc more or less asked her what she would like him to do about it. As it stood, she had been towed by the private company that the supermarket employed: she had not been ticketed by the NYPD. He explained to her that she would have to call the tow company in order to get her car back.
"Does that mean I'm going to have to pay for it?!" She railed.
Roc gently informed her that the answer was yes.
"Well, I didn't ASK them to tow me!" She was stunned. The nerve of those people! After all, she was just running into the store for one get something for her kids.
She then turned to Roc and said, "What precinct are you from?!"
That's about when Roc started to lose his patience. He explained to her once again that he had nothing to do with her car being towed, that this was not a police matter, and that---get this---maybe she shouldn't have parked in a handicapped spot and all this could have been avoided.
Personal responsibility, anyone?


  1. Err how frustrating!easier to try and blame someone else rather then themselves,idiot!

  2. The fact that she wanted to get my husband's shield and precinct number still galls me...what the...?!?!
    Except it is...real.
    ;) Stella

  3. I have an equally disturbing experience. I agree that it was insane that she wanted to get your hubby's badge and precinct number to try and pin that. On him. You know her story would have included some police brutality as well a little embellishment goes a long way :)
    The part that disturbs me most is the parking in the handicapped spot. Like you I work at a gym and every saturday I see the same able bodied woman park in the handicap spot. She has tags but she. Clearly has no issue. After many weeks I finally said to her..I'm sorry why do you park in that spot, it's meant for people that are disabled and she told me..are you ready.. That she had a bad knee and can't do the walk.. She then walks into the gym and hops her ass onto a treadmill..really??? I just want the gym to tow her car but because she has tags they can not.. While the handicap spot is convenient it is important for all of us to realize that it is for those less fortunate. My dad who. Is disabled refuses to get a sticker because he does not feel the need to abuse the tag. I often drop him off in front and park because he will not be seen parking in the spot..
    Just needed to get that off my chest Stella.. People piss me off!!!

  4. I love it! People never cease to amaze me...
    XO Stella


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