Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!
In high society, Labor Day was once considered the last day of the year when it was fashionable for women to wear white.
Sometimes I wish I had those type of concerns.
As for today, I will try to fit in a swim and then make my way to a BBQ before the rain soaks us all again in the Northeast. My husband will sleep most of the day away, as he worked 7pm-7am last night so that other people could celebrate.
If your cop is home today: Congrats! Enjoy! Have a burger with the works!
If they are not: I get it. And I will be thinking of you, I promise. Because as so few of us remember...not everyone has off on Labor Day.

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  1. Hey Stella,
    I take your Friday 10:30 class as often as I can, cause I love it and I love you! I'm the other Nancy and will introduce myself next time I see you - next Friday I will be at my daughter's house in New Paltz. Love your blog and my husband and I hope to be among your 50 audience members for your Saturday night show. Keep up the good work! Your blog is awesome.


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