Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Deal

On September 10th, all tours were held over a minimum of four hours due to a non-specific terrorist threat in NYC. Roc and many other cops were moved from the outer boroughs to Manhattan, and I don't think he climbed into bed next to me until about 5:00 AM yesterday.

We have not moved on in so many ways; Roc said there were people coming up to him all night, scared, looking for direction, wanting to tell an officer something that may or may not be suspicious.

When he woke up yesterday, we watched some of the names being read, and we cried.
We heard people's stories and we were moved once again.

Ten years seemed like just a blink in time; the raw wound uncovered once more.
It was a tough day for all New Yorkers; it was a tough day even for tough New Yorkers like us.

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