Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Take

It's about time for my take on the whole experience...and let me just say WHAT an experience it was!!
First of all, I need to thank so many people: My Cop, first of all, who ended up being great support staff in the end and a huge blessing to me. My Director, who is an amazing individual...all the people from my acting class...Friends and Family who came, gave flowers, support...and of course all the Cops and Cop's Wives out there who have supported me all along!!
It was an amazing ride...about a week before I had totally convinced myself that I was crazy to do this; that I was never going to stop stumbling over a particular set of lines, and that I was being stupid. I had my breakdown and then decided to turn it all around. I decided to fight for my show: for the original intent, and for what I knew it could be.
I think I did it. Everyone's telling me I did. I am so happy to hear that my writing resonates...that for me was by the far the biggest accomplishment.
Now today it's back to life...the laundry I've ignored for the past few weeks, blogging again on a regular basis, perhaps setting up something for another opportunity to present Suddenly Cop Wife. Who knows? Maybe I'll even find the time to cuddle up with my dog and watch something mindless like Judge Judy. I've always wanted her job; can you imagine how much fun it would be to get paid millions of dollars to yell at people all day? These are the things that will take up my mind space for the week, and I must say...I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Congrats on what sounds like a huge success! I admire how you chase your dreams.

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! And you should be INCREDIBLY proud of what you did for yourself and for US! Thanks.

    Um... so when will we see the youtube version?

  3. Thanks Ladies! First time out, we decided not to film...but...and here's the good news...I already have an offer to do the show someplace else. So...we will definitely film at least part of it the next time.
    :) Stella


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