Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Show

I have to be honest here; it's not easy getting ready for the show at this point. I'm in serious rehearsals more fooling around. There are moments that I wonder just what I got myself into; there are times when I wonder how many Cop's Wives will actually be out there and what they will take away from it. I was talking to two cops yesterday in NYC; they were asking me questions about the show, and I found myself trying to explain something that I really can't explain; you actually have to see it. They admitted that it was entirely unique to see something from the Cop's Wife's perspective; both television and movies are chock-full of cop stories, but they are almost always told from the perspective of the cop.
The good news is that Saturday night just sold out. I still have tickets available for Friday. So if you're curious, grab a friend, and get on out there. I promise you'll enjoy the journey.


  1. So happy to hear that...I'm a week away now, so beginning to feel the nerves...!
    :) Stella


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