Monday, October 17, 2011

Support Staff

I often consider myself "Support Staff" to what Roc does on a daily basis: while he's at work, I do his laundry. I often buy his toiletries. If someone calls with an order for the family business, I will sometimes text him while he's with the NYPD, so he knows what to look forward to at his other job. I take care of the social calendar; things like birthdays don't go unnoticed on my watch. A lot of times he gets the credit, but I like to think, deep down, that everyone knows it's me who keeps the wheels spinning.
This week, I am pushing to finish up all the little details involved with my show: returning emails, last-minute ticket requests, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, running lines, making sure I have everything I need to make my show a success. I have to say there's not a whole lot of laundry getting done this week.
In the role reversal department...he's not nearly as efficient as I am...and I think I could use a little more support, not to mention staff.
Maybe it's a guy thing!

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