Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Weapon Please

Since we've been talking about how the NYPD does things versus other departments, I decided to mention another interesting fact and see if this rule differs greatly from other departments across America and the world.
When Roc is not working, he is still required to be armed within the confines of the City of New York (The Five Boroughs) at all times. Let's say we're going to go into the City to see The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center this Christmas Season. He has to bring along his duty weapon or off-duty weapon; one of the two that are authorized by the NYPD.
The only exception would be if he was unfit for duty; let's say he knew he was going to go out and get royally drunk at a bar, or if he was sick or hospitalized within the confines of the Five Boroughs. Then he would not be expected to carry any weapon, and of course it would be ill advised for a night on the town anyway.
So: how does your Department deal with this issue? Is there a rule, and if so, do you know it? Forget the Department...how does your husband feel? Do you feel a certain way about it? Would love to hear feedback on this ever-interesting topic.


  1. It's not required, although they are reminded that they are essentially "on duty" 24-7, but it's their choice.

    The Husband wouldn't go anywhere unarmed. And we live in "safe, hipster town of 100,000"... but sh*t happens everywhere.

    ps... am so happy you made it through the last brouhaha unscathed. Stand proud woman!!!!

  2. It's not required by the job where we are, it is required by the husband. He rarely leaves home without and made sure that I have a license, too. My life took a turn I would never expected when I dated and then married my cop!

  3. Yes, I find that most men in Law Enforcement suddenly feel "naked" when they are not carrying their weapon...hence, a nice place to put my hand when we dance at a wedding...

  4. We are permitted to carry while enroute to and from work (only approved last year). This option is only permitted if we are also wearing a belt badge, have our cuffs and an intermediate weapon on us as well (Taser, O.C. spray or baton).

    To carry off-duty in very specialized circumstances, an officer must apply to the chief in writing for approval. I have only ever met one or two officers who have done this. They are usually the ones with recent death threats against themselves or their families.

    We are also expected to be "on-duty" 24-7. Seems our service believes we are bulletproof supermen though.

    - Blue

  5. Wow, that is quite different than here Blue, and I'm sorry to hear that, because it feels like pressure. Roc is "on duty" 24-7 as well, but with his weapon, and usually both weapons.
    :) Stella

  6. This is an interesting topic. I don't know if Sam's department requires something similar, but if he's off and we're out he usually carries his badge in his pocket and his off-duty or personal weapon will be hidden or left in the truck. I'll have to ask what their policy is.
    Sometimes I think he feels safer with his gun in arm's reach. He brought it over last Christmas to my parent's house. A horrible joke, but it may be so he makes sure he gets enough turkey and pumpkin pie.


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