Monday, March 12, 2012


Antigua is an island in the West Indies, in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, and let me just say it's gorgeous. It is what you would picture a Caribbean island to look like: blue, blue water and white sand beaches. It is very British in tone, and the resort we stayed at included a good amount of British tourists as well as a fair share of Canadians. Their take on things from what Americans like to world politics was fun to encounter; we met some truly nice people.
Prior to Roc becoming a cop, we used to travel more internationally. We once flew to London for five days: any opportunity to get away and we were there. We still love to travel just about anywhere, but now that he's always running around, he has been very clear about his desire to go to a beach and just sit. And eat. And drink, of course.
My idea of Heaven is the ocean at my feet, a good book in my hand, a pina colada in the needless to say, he doesn't have to twist my arm.
And at the risk of sounding like a commercial for Sandals...couples, listen up: it is a great place to get away without the kids. Sandals is a couples-only all-inclusive resort that just knows how to do it right. Both pictures above and below are of the resort...and yes, it really is that nice.

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