Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Night Shift

Let's face it; the world revolves around a daytime schedule. People in the LEO Community know well and understand that not everybody works 9am-5pm, as evidenced on television. Unfortunately, it seems that not every one else knows this fact.
There is now one particular banking institution that knows it very well from yours truly.
We have a bank that likes to call our house early. Believe me, if it was to tell me about an error in accounting or something about my actual account, I would be more understanding, perhaps even grateful. So be it. But it's not. It's a survey service, calling my home well before our alarm is set to go off in the mid-morning hours. They call: I dive for the phone. In an irritated but hushed tone I let them know that it is far too early to call my home.
I let them know that several times (nicely) before I came across sounding like I was possessed: YOU CANNOT CALL THIS HOUSE THIS EARLY. EVER AGAIN. PLEASE. DO YOU---and here's where I get especially menacing---UNDERSTAND?!?!
Then I generally bang down the phone, which causes my husband to wake and my dog to bark.
Great. Mission Accomplished.
Imagine the surprise on the other end of the phone when I picked up slightly after 8AM this AM sounding like the was my friend calling from Puerto Rico, and she sounded genuinely scared. After threatening her life in a tone reserved for financial institutions, I had to back up and apologize profusely.
The good news is that when her heart stopped racing, she laughed. Then she told me that she just got a new job...with a bank.


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader! My soon to be husband is a police officer, working night shift this week. Although I'm at work while he's sleeping off his night shift at home, he said you would believe the amount of sales people who still come door to door during the day. Alarm system sales people, meat salespeople, yard people - all kinds of random crap. We are thinking of putting up a sign on the door that says "day sleeper" or something to deter folks from ringing our door bell while he's sleeping.

  2. As soon as my husband gets done with training he will be on nights. Luckily we are going to be moving out to the country (he is with our State Law Enforcement and they have him in a very rural area) we also do not have a land line so no sales calls :) I do however have 2 young kids that will need to adjust to Daddy sleeping during the day!

  3. Welcome Pink Growl! I hear ya...that's about all I can say...I kind of wish I had a DO NOT DISTURB to hang around the door at a hotel! :)

    Kandi: Good luck with kids...I know someone who sleeps with a fan on to create some ambient noise! :)

    SCW Stella


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