Monday, March 19, 2012

Scheduling Fun

Unlike most couples we know, we can't just talk to a friend on a Wednesday and say, "What are you guys doing Friday night?" and then actually see said friends that actual Friday.
In Cop Wife Life, it just doesn't work that way.
Since I am the Holder Of The Social Calendar, I started working on the next time Roc will have off yesterday. Technically, we get his schedule given to us a year in advance, which some of you already know...means nothing. Anything can happen. Everything is subject to change.
However...I try. I try to contact the friends and gather the relatives, and I try to be equitable as I can be; who did we see last and when? Is there anyone who asked for first dibs the last time around? How much time will we have to spend alone, together?
Like everything else, it's a juggling act.
And it usually works out okay. What I find especially funny is those people who cannot commit to something a few weeks in advance. They act as if I am asking them to kill their children when I tell them that Roc will be off one Saturday night four weeks in advance.
"I can't make plans that far out." They are appalled, as if I am a compulsive planner who has no good reason to do all this.
"That's fine, but then you might not see us." And then I get to launch into the never-ending diatribe about how he only gets so many weekends off a year and how I really do need to plan these things well in advance.
Scheduling fun is exhausting!


  1. Completely understand! I planned a surprise birthday date for my boyfriend on one of his RDOs a month in advance, and he happened to be notified for overtime for that exact day. Thought I could salvage the day since it was a day tour but he ended up basically doing a double. The odds were defitinitely in our favor :(

    1. Well surprise in that he didn't know what the date consisted of.. (at least he tried to get out of it)

  2. Been there...ugh, you'd think with the sheer number of cops the NYPD has that this would be less of a problem...I get it when it comes to smaller departments, when there really is no coverage, etc.
    Good Luck going forward!
    :) Stella


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