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"This serious attack," along with FDNY Lt. Richard Nappi's death Monday at a Brooklyn fire, serves as a reminder that "New York's Bravest and New York's Finest risk their lives every day to protect the rest of us," Bloomberg said.
Amen. For those of you who haven't heard: NYPD Officer Eder Loor was stabbed in the head by an emotionally disturbed person while responding to a call in East Harlem. The suspect has at least four prior arrests.
I feel like it's Groundhog Day. For anyone not familiar with this comedy classic: please stop reading my blog right now. You're not welcome here. Tongue in all is a story about a weatherman who finds himself living the same day over and over and over again.
That is a comedy, this is not.
Okay, so maybe the details differ...but I am tired of writing the same story; about perps who feel it is perfectly acceptable to assault, stab, or shoot NYPD Officers. It is wrong on so many levels.
Police dispatched cars to Loor’s Orange County home, where Dina Loor received an odd call from one of her husband’s colleagues telling her the police were on their way.

“When I saw them coming (with) sirens, my heart stopped,” she said. “I had to pull myself together.”
This scene plays out for all of us on our worst days; the days when we allow worry to crowd the edges of our minds, the days where a text or call is long in coming. Dina Loor is currently pregnant with a son, and the couple already has a young daughter. I pray for their family, and that Officer Loor recovers quickly and completely.

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  1. this is just terrible,thoughts and prayers to all!


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