Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Cell Phone

Simple things are not always simple when you're married to a cop. The other day I was at the Cell Phone Store (read: fifth dimension of hell) trying to upgrade my phone, when the salesguy mentioned that my phone was listed under my husband's name and that his name was the only name on the account. I didn't catch his drift right I waited...and then he spelled it out for me.
In order to upgrade my phone, I would have to have my husband there with me.
Now, I have no idea why we set the account up that way could have been easier or cheaper---who knows---all I know is that now I had a BlackBerry in my hand that was so old it was overripe and no way to upgrade my phone. I shuffled through our conflicting schedules in my head: nope, there was no way for him to be here, no time soon.
"Or you can call him." The nice salesguy gestured to my ancient phone in hand.
"I can't...just call him." I shook my head, trying to figure out where Roc would be at that moment. Was he in Roll Call? Even if he wasn't on the Street, I always tried to avoid calling him unless there was a real emergency. What if he forgot to turn off his phone, and was just then trying to come up on a perp? Strategically, I could get him hurt. I could give away his position. Or worse. I must have sighed loudly as I was having a stressy day.
"Can you just call him?" The salesguy tried again, not catching my drift this time.
"I...ah...let me see if I can text him, perhaps he can call me back." I texted Roc a super-quick: Call if U can.  
I waited a few beats and then he called me. I picked up to: "What?"
"Listen, I need you to talk to the Cell Phone Guy." I handed the phone over to Salesguy and let him deal with the impatient lunatic I sometimes call my husband. 
Rocco gave approval, which I have to admit made me laugh: I could have called my brother, had him pose as my husband, and it would have been a whole lot easier. My point though is this: it's never easy when you're married to a cop. More often than not, you take care of things on your own. Sometimes everything.
After the outing to get the new cell, I listened to a track that a friend of mine sings called New Cell Phone. It's a great song about change, and I felt it fitting for the day. Marla Mase is it; you should definitely check it out when you get a chance.
You can download it here:

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