Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding the Balance

One of the things that has been swishing around inside my head lately is the idea of balance: how much is too much? With clients, I often tell them everything in moderation. I'm talking about food, workouts, and even rest. You've got to find the balance that fits you, and in fact, your body. Because not only is everybody different, but every body is different.
If I were to move this principle over to the realm of police work, I feel the same would hold true. Everybody is different and every body is different. The NYPD is a body of Officers that is not the same as a small police force in Upstate New York. It's also not the same as Virginia Beach. Or Toledo.
And as the significant other of an NYPD Officer, I sometimes wonder just how much needs to be said. How can we advocate for our cops, without sounding braggadocios, without stepping on toes, without pissing off the brass? Sure, I have a blog, but let's face's a self-given platform. Do I need to do more in real life? Can I do less and still feel relevant? How can I find the balance in this area of my life? Obviously, if you're reading this post, you're wondering too. I welcome all relevant thoughts. 
This Autumn for me will be about finding the balance. I'm tired of killing myself in one area of my life and then letting other things fall by the wayside. I am including my role as a Cop's Wife in all of this...easier said than done, I know...but I've promised myself to find the balance.

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