Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Friday

Sometimes it's time to stop the ranting and raving and just...go shopping!
This week, I was contacted by Manchester Policemen's Wives Association. That's Manchester, New Hampshire, friends. Apparently these crafty ladies had a pendant created to commemorate the Police Wife Life and I am excited to say that they are on sale NOW!
Just head on over to 
and check out the various designs and options.
Know a LEOW that's about to have a Birthday? How about a woman who is about to marry a cop...? I think this would be a fabulous present to a bride from her bridesmaids. Keep in mind that the Holidays are right around the corner; there's literally a zillion reasons to order one of these gorgeous of them being that all the proceeds will be given back to police families in need and to law enforcement support groups and organizations.
It's a win-win, people! So head on over and check out the Manchester PWA, and feel free to share this with anyone you know living the LEOW Life!!

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