Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Hate Blue People

Can you imagine that being said out loud? Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn't it? I know a whole lot of progressive people who would not be caught dead making a sweeping generalization such as that about any one group or race. They look down upon those who judge a person by the color of their skin, and can ignite rage within seconds for those they deem narrow-minded.
What's wrong with those...?! (You can fill in the blanks here.) How can they hate blank people when they don't even know them...? Have they ever even met a blank person? Religious Zealots! Fools! Unintelligent, backward, stupid, racist, I can go on...
I find that it is this same group of people who make no hesitation to say: I HATE COPS. In essence: I Hate Blue People.
And somehow that's okay.
I mean, how can they hate cops when they don't even know them? Have they ever even met a cop? Face-to-face; have they ever taken a moment to look past the uniform? What if they got to know a Cop...would they realize that it's not okay to hate a particular group of people based on what they think they know?
Look, I get it. If you grew up in a house where Dad was a Yankee fan, there's a pretty good chance that you grow up to be a Yankee fan too. Same goes for that other New York Baseball team. ;)
And if you grew up in a house where someone taught you that a Police Officer was there to help you, you might take it at face value.
Where my husband works, those houses are few and far between. Recently, Roc was outside of a bodega with his partner and they saw a cute four-year-old little boy looking up at them, eyes full of wonder. They said Hello to the little man and just as he was about to say Hi back, his Mom yanked him by the arm and pulled him away from my husband and his partner. She chastised her child: "You don't say HI to them! They're PIGS! They the reason yo daddy in jail."
Then, over her shoulder: "F*#K the Po-lice!"
It's a shame, really, as she was teaching him at a young age to hate Blue People.
Besides that, I would make a pretty solid bet that his Daddy got his ass in jail all on his own.


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  2. Whew...
    ...I blame the parents, not the kids...
    and I thank you for not censoring yourself here.
    Children learn what they live. Sad but true.

  3. I had an experience like this not too long although not so extreme - as I sit here and tell you about it because I'm obviously not over it ;). My boyfriend just graduated police academy in December and I had a few friends over a week after. As I was showing off the pictures, one of my good friend`s gf says TO MY FACE that she`s "not a fan of the PD" To say the least I was taken aback. It's still bugging me...

  4. Val:
    Unfortunately, you are going to experience more of that than you even think you will...I always find it amazing how people feel it's perfectly okay to say something about cops but would never say anything (loosely) about any other group, ethnic or otherwise. Ignore her. She's bringing her own prejudices to the table AND she's too stupid to keep her mouth shut. Surround yourself with people who support your boyfriend and his choice. Also, I totally get it. I had a friend once say to me that she would never be friends with someone who has a gun. Really?! Well, WTF do you think they issue you in the Academy?! People say stupid things. Forgive, try to forget, and then keep it moving. You'll meet more Blue People as time goes on. (...and people wonder why it's like a club...!)
    Also Congrats to the BF.
    :) Stella


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