Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

As most Americans settle in to watch the World-Famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, my husband and perhaps yours is getting ready to go to work today. Roc doesn't have Parade Detail, rather, he'll be in one of our storm-ravaged communities helping out people and making sure that looters don't take what little they have left. He is on watch.
Although I will miss him profusely, I am proud of him, and my heart will be with him and the people that he is helping. We will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow at our home; I always try and make a way for us to do the traditional things, even if it is days after the actual Holiday. It's important for our marriage and it's important for our extended family as well. It's a way of keeping things normal in a not-so-normal world.
Note to Rookie Wives and Girlfriends: Keep yourself busy. Trust me. It helps. Rejoice in what you do have, and then make time to have a private hour or day or whatever you can manage to claim as your very own.
Of course, I wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Hey! Thanks for saying hello on twitter! You are SO right. My cop hubs worked Thanksgiving night as well :)

  2. Great "meeting" you...hope to see you here and on Twitter...feel free to enter the contest, and Good Luck!
    :) Stella


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