Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baby Showers

Baby Showers are a loaded topic for me; I haven't attended one in about ten years now, by choice. I have a group of friends who understand my decision, largely because the decision was formed because of those who did not understand how bored uncomfortable I was feeling in years past, pressured to attend 10,673 more than a few Baby Showers in my twenties and thirties. 
That said, I simply have not been to one of these events in a very long time, but I certainly remember them being more benign than not: food, gifts, a gaggle of women OOoohhing and AAaahhing over endless tiny get the picture.
Apparently, Baby Showers in the South Bronx don't run the same way. My husband and his Squad have told me repeatedly that there is always a problem at these events; they are attended by both guys and gals, and can be counted on to end in a fight, with the police being called, and to top it all off...there's usually an arrest.
Think I might be exaggerating? Check this out:
A 5-year-old girl was shot in front of her apartment in the Bronx early this morning. Little Haley Dominguez was shot in the stomach around 1 a.m. this morning outside her family’s apartment building on Hughes Avenue in East Tremont. Haley, her mother and older brother were all returning from a baby shower.
The child is expected to make a full recovery, and the NYPD certainly suspects that this poor kid simply got caught up in the crossfire; another casualty in a turf war on the streets of the South Bronx. Sad but true.
Before Roc was a cop serving in this community, I probably would not have believed that Baby Showers could cause so much trouble. So I ask you this: what event in your spouse's precinct is notorious for causing trouble? Is is something obvious, or something you might never think a baby shower? 


  1. It seems like any "celebration" can result in a mess where my husband works. Same as the neighborhood I teach in. I don't really understand until I spend time with some extended family we have, then I am not surprised at all.

    On another note, did you see end of watch? You might have blogged about it and I missed it. Just like the many cop wife questions I answer repeatedly, I am worn out on people commenting to me about the movie. I didn't go see it on purpose, I like to be a little in la la land about their job, it keeps me from worrying too much (worrying is such a waste of time). But it seems like every person I work with, family you name it needs to comment and tell me all about it. Ugh!
    Take care!

  2. Christmas is my hubby's busiest time.. lots of domestics and suicides. He almost always gets called out on thanksgiving and christmas eve. People are always shocked when they hear that. Guess the holidays arent a happy time for everybody.

  3. @love2read: I have avoided End of Watch like the plague...I feel I'll see it eventually, but I don't particularly care for Jake G, and either way an LAPD CW who is a friend warned me not to see it...but I hear ya, and I get that kind of stuff ALL THE TIME too!

    @Tammy: Domestics are notorious during the Holidays...and you're right, most people have no idea.


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