Monday, January 7, 2013

Advice to the Rookies

The NYPD just graduated a new class in December, which means that soon and very soon there will be a bunch of rookie cops flooding all the various precincts that make up the NYPD.
I asked my husband what kind of advice he would give to a rookie and here's what he said: "That conversation can go on for days, but to sum it up, I'd tell them to not get overwhelmed. Don't panic. Rely on your conscience. Use your head."
I asked him because the truth is that although a whole bunch of your husbands may have had a Field Training Officer or something similar to help them through their first few days, weeks, or husband experienced no such thing. I can't speak to what the NYPD is doing with the Newbies now, but when my husband came out, he went out on the street his very first night with a guy that had come out of the Academy six months before he did...there was no 'older/wiser' tough-but-lovable Uncle Cop that came and took him under his that way, real policing is very much unlike what you see in the movies.

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