Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There are things I can't talk about, even here, even on the Blog that I created to discuss such things.
Perhaps there's a pending court case.
Perhaps it's stuff that no one needs to know.
Sometimes it's just things I can't articulate...yes, even me...a writer and talker extraordinaire...even I am sometimes unable to turn the perfect phrase.
All I can say is this: those times when my heart drops to my knees; when I turn the mute button on the TV, just to offer up a quick prayer...when I am checking out my phone far too often, and vacillating between watching and turning off the News...
...those are the times that I am glad that there are other women out there---just like me---who get it.
At the dawn of a New Year: Thanks for getting it, ladies.   


  1. I have been dating an officer for awhile now, and hope to become a MRS some time this year. I do get it. I make myself feel a little better by reminding myself that God has His angels watching my mans six. Hope you have a great New Year.

  2. @Commchick: Right back@ya! Best!
    :) Stella


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