Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As I hung up on my end, I told myself not to get upset at first. I repeated to myself what Kate herself had told me, that: "I didn't understand because I didn't have kids." Deep down, I was stunned that she felt the need to hang up; I believe I would have somehow juggled the call. Let's face it: this was the call. I wasn't calling to bullshit or ask her to go out shopping. This was the call that best friends around the world step up for; this was the call that you make when you know that you need someone to catch your fall.
I busied myself after that, my insides still heaving. I was stunned by Kate's behavior and still in shock over Sal's departure. I cried off and on that day, attempting to eat, waiting to hear from family members about Sal's burial.
Kate never called me back.

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