Monday, April 8, 2013

The Inevitable

Once you're together for any length of time, people feel that it's okay to begin to ask the inevitable:
"So when are you two getting married?"
We had talked about it, sure, and we both knew at some point that we were heading in that direction. We were both cautious by nature, and therefore, we discussed everything.
We thought about an Island wedding...a traditional My Big Fat Italian Wedding Event...we talked about where to live, what we wanted out of life...we talked about having kids.
We both decided we didn't want any. I hated the Mommy Culture that was evolving in American Society, and the truth was, all of our friends who had kids just seemed stuck. They were struggling financially, they couldn't travel the way that we could, and the truth is...they just didn't seem like they were having a whole lot of fun.
Since we were on the same page about all the big things, I didn't think twice when he asked me to marry him. I said YES and there began our lifelong adventure.

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