Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Central, we've got a...Washer..."

This just struck me as funny: the other night Roc was on patrol and got a call for an EDP. For those of you not familiar with the parlance, an EDP is an Emotionally Disturbed Person. Apparently, a woman called the Police because her brother (who had recently been in a mental institution) was taking a "bath" in the spray from a fire hydrant.
Imagine my husband's surprise when he rolled up to encounter a full-grown man armed with a bar of Irish Spring soap and a washcloth, vigorously cleansing himself in full view of the neighborhood.
Enter my twisted sense of humor: I actually wondered if Irish Spring could somehow spin it into a commercial: they could be the First Choice for your Fire Hydrant Shower. They could show a bunch of kids, derelicts, and even cops jumping into the spray, smiles all around. 
I bet it would go viral.


  1. LOL!!! i like your sense of humor on the Irish spring commercial.

  2. Hey, at least somebody finds me funny...!
    :) Stella


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