Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What You Know

I laugh sometimes...out loud...in a long line...while reading the various opinions on Social Media regarding New York City's upcoming Police Commissioner.
First of all, many of the idiotic opinions expressed online come from people that live nowhere near, and therefore have no stake in, New York City.
That fact alone should pretty much disregard a whole handful of opinions.
Then there are those who feel they know; and in theory, perhaps they do.
I'm come to find out in life that experience beats a theory hands-down, every time.
Everybody is so excited to get rid of Ray Kelly: you can hear the drum beat getting louder as Mayor Bloomberg's term comes to a close, and the new Mayor takes over. And there's tons of speculation swirling around the decision yet to be made: just who will take the reins of New York's Finest? Could it be a man who was once the Commissioner, returning for another run? Could it be a higher-up within the Department? Someone the general public hasn't even thought of yet?
Does it matter? Sure, it does...but as the very vocal crowd that constantly maligns Ray Kelly should be made aware of: sometimes what you know is better than what you don't know. With a  new person, the City will face new challenges, as will all the cops on patrol, and in various other units throughout the Department.
I wonder if any of these individuals that pretend to know will then backpedal...and say that they want Ray Kelly back...? It's one of those things that we won't know about until it happens.
Either way...I promise to be laughing out loud again, on line, in front of strangers.
See you then.

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