Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Holiday

I get a new Holiday this year...and I didn't have to change my religion in order to do so!
Of course, that means my husband gets a new Holiday too. I see ties and saws in his future.
I remember (quite vividly, I might add) when I was a kid, asking my mother what I thought was a very astute question at the time:
"Mom, When is Kid's Day?"
"EVERY DAY is Kid's Day!" She shrieked, and then went on to tell the whole world this story, as if I had said something truly funny.
Let me just say this: I have a pretty smart kid, and now I can't wait for the day that I get asked that very same question.
I'm convinced this is how things get handed down.
Happy Mother's Day to all those who are celebrating this Sunday...or whatever day you choose to celebrate...I'm quite sure you deserve a little something extra just for you.
I hope you find it.

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