Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I am simply amazed by the amount of discretion, or lack thereof, that I am seeing exhibited online by my fellow Police Wives.
The other night I was checking the Facebook News Feed and I saw several Police Wives post pictures of their husbands, in full uniform, standing outside their police cars, some with their child in their arms, actually posing for a picture.
It blew my mind.
Please keep in mind that I am fully aware that every Police Wife doesn't deal with the same realities that I have faced: a husband thrown into an area known for high crime and gun violence, a notorious area that is often referenced when discussing the most dangerous and scary part of our City, plus a very big Police Department which in fact monitors its members Social Media.
I get it.
But aren't we all on the same page when it comes to our Officers and families being safe? With the world so connected, it scares me to see my "Sister Wives" leave so much out there.
Are there any ladies out there who agree with me? Or am I just being a paranoid New Yorker?


  1. I completely agree with this post. We truly forget how small this world is and how easily information can be found and used against you online. My LEO works in NY too and this has been a major concern of mine. These officers already have to worry about perps recording them with their cellphones and plastering their pictures on all sorts of social media sites. As proud as I am to see him in uniform (he is in a plainclothes unit now) I realize that the uniform is an automatic target =( Thank you for always sharing your feelings and I truly look forward to reading many more stories. Especially, about how you guys have learned to juggle your brand new family =)

  2. @My Life: As far as the NYPD goes, I find it disturbing that Officers still wear their last names on their chest...if you have a very distinct last name, it wouldn't take much for a perp to Google you, then Google-map get the picture. It's bad enough, so we as the "gatekeepers" do not need to help them along!!

  3. Completely agree. Our PD has a rule AGAINST that.


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