Monday, July 14, 2014


Apparently some flaming piece of garbage thought that a great way to seek notoriety would be to kill a cop in Jersey City this weekend. This defies not only logic, but the basic human compassion that most people are born with: "Hey Pals! Let's say we shoot a cop this weekend so we can lead the Evening News!"
Great idea.
Now there is a 23-year-old rookie cop shot and killed. A family decimated.
Police returned fire, killing the scumbag suspect.
That's good news. The good people of New Jersey should not have to pay to keep this animal alive while Officer Santiago is unable to enjoy the same benefit.
That said, I am saddened to think that this individual felt that this would be a great way to get his name in the papers.
Officer Melvin Santiago. That's the only name worth mentioning here.

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