Friday, August 8, 2014

Two Cops, One Family

I've always wondered how families do it that have two Police Officers in the mix; although I've heard some theories about greater understanding and commiseration, I've always felt that it's got to be incredibly hard to have two cops living together under one roof.
What if they have opposing shifts? If they have children, who does the daycare/school routine?
Do they split the chores by rank?
That said, I realized this morning that we are a Two-Cop Family. I realized it as I ran around after my dog, trying to grab the biscuit out of her paws that my child had just thrown off the high chair...watching her demolish it like a perp...then putting her into "Sit" as I scolded her for stealing...then running back to my son and explaining that he can't keep throwing stuff at the dog (which of course he finds funny) because we want her to last a long time...and if she's 750 pounds...she won't be able to last a long time.
All this transpired in about two minutes or less, and somehow in the midst of this, it occurred to me: I am policing as well.
I figure it's only slightly less dangerous.

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