Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So much to Say...

I find lately that there's so much to say and too little time to say it in. I'm running from work to home, the babysitter...a friend's place, the store...and my thoughts come along, fast and furious, and yet I am generally so busy that I can't find a home for them all before the day is done.
Today, a whole bunch of kids went back to school around America. I have thoughts about this, and the pools closing, and the sun setting earlier in the day. I'm not positive that anyone would want to hear my thoughts, but I think them anyway, and I dream in vivid technicolor at night.
I am still a huge advocate for cops everywhere, but sometimes an event happens, and I don't have time to comment about it until the moment has passed.
Sometimes I find I can't say anything. Next Thursday the anniversary will come along again, and I will find myself full of emotion, but the words may or may not hit the page.
Know that I am with you, my fellow Police Wives, whether or not I am posting as much as I once did.
I am still here, in spirit...as passionate as always. Sometimes real life gets in the way of my very best intentions, as it does for us all.

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