Tuesday, November 25, 2014

As Expected

I'm sad to admit that I expected the reaction that we saw to the Jury's verdict last night in the streets of Ferguson, MO and elsewhere in the country.
I'm not sure that I expected the Jury to choose not to indict Officer Wilson, although they obviously did not have enough evidence to do so, and therefore we are left with the ridiculousness we saw in the streets across America last night.
I know it's been said, but it bears repeating: how does looting a local liquor store assure justice for a perceived injustice?
Newsflash to Protesters: Your point is not made.
In fact, your point is completely lost in the shuffle of looting, rioting, media madness, and opportunism.
I am praying for all those who have been called to the Front Lines: from those serving in Ferguson, to the NYPD who were called to Times Square last night.
Let's hope this whole thing fades quickly.


  1. Let's hope this fades indeed! Can't tell you how thankful I was that my LEO was home last night, although he was listening to his scanner until the wee hours of the morning. I hope yours stays safe and that the violence blows over soon.

  2. It is so hard to be with family right now that just don't understand the realities of being a police officer or their wife. And I appreociate that the jury did not let the fear of what might happen (and did) cloud their evaluation of the facts. Thank you always for your posts and support! God bless our cops.

  3. @Nicole C: Mine was held in riot gear for a long time but never deployed...we'll see what today brings...
    @love2read: I can remember a family member saying to me once, "You're not the only one who is married to a cop," with a dramatic eye roll. You need to let those comments---and perhaps those people---go. If you need to, come to the Thanksgiving table armed with stupid facts about useless trivia, and keep the conversation there!
    May God Bless our cops and all of you this Thanksgiving season.
    :) Stella


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