Sunday, December 21, 2014


I was just getting my hair done, while simultaneously checking off all the thousands of things I needed to get done in my head before I went home and threw my Big Christmas Bash. I was looking forward to seeing friends both old and new, and I was getting especially excited to see an old friend who had recently moved to Arizona, and just as my mind was moving at warp-speed through my mental list, I received a dreaded text.
My husband with the awful news: Two NYPD Officers were shot.
Initially, he informed me that one was killed and the other wounded.
By the time I left the hairdresser, it had been confirmed that both Officers were dead.
Shot, execution style, sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn.
And all I kept thinking about was two families who were about to have the most miserable Christmas ever.
My heart broke as I barreled home and began to prepare for guests. I called a friend on the way home in the car for details. She filled me in and I found myself raging. I wanted to cry, but I was too incensed.
I am angry at a mayor (little M on purpose) who cannot, will not, lead my City, and is completely inept when it comes to anything having to do with policing our City.
I'm not thrilled with any of the Politicians who have fostered this tone that suggests---if not outright states---that the Police are the enemy; that all Police are racists, and that there are immediate changes needed within the NYPD, and elsewhere.
I am a wife and mother who would have absolutely NO PROBLEM with my husband shooting ANYONE who would try and threaten his life.
In a heartbeat, I would support my husband's decision to pull the trigger, and I DON'T CARE what anyone else thinks or believes, knowing full well that if they were in harm's way, they may react quite differently than they think they would in theory.
I got home and I got ready to party, but my mind and my heart were on the latest assault. I was fielding calls and texts as I put on my heels, and although I desperately wanted to take to Twitter, I knew that I had to focus on being the hostess, and enjoy the blessing of friends.
Today I woke to find out that another NYPD Officer was assaulted inside a precinct in northern Manhattan. An Officer was shot in Florida. I heard a story about a man (read: perp, criminal, savage) that aimed an empty gun at an NYPD Officer in SoB last night, and then got charged with menacing a Police Officer.
That person should have been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.
And that's only part of what's wrong with this picture.
The rest is that two men will not have Christmas with their families, not matter what. No amount of pandering can bring them back. No amount of idiocracy can explain this away.
And no Mayor of the greatest City in the World should act and react as our does.
My Christmas wish is that Mr. DB (read between the lines, people) would in fact hang his head in shame.
In the meantime, Rest in Peace Officers Ramos and Liu.
You deserved more.


  1. AMEN! Having gone through a shooting with my husband and getting that phone call is something I don't wish on anyone!I am THANKFUL my husband did what he had to to come home even if it meant taking a life. I cant even fathom what those families are going through and hope they get some comfort from all the love and support throughout the country I have been seeing on soc media!God bless our men and women in Blue!

  2. @Monica: I noticed late last night that the tide seems to be turning on Social Media, which is both good and important.
    XOXO Stella

  3. Hardest is when immediate family doesn't understand. I get so burnt out on people's comments- hard enough when it is national leaders but getting stuck at a family event with great aunt who ever is even worse! My heart is so sad for the families.

  4. @love2read: Yes, I once had a family member scowl at me and say, "You're not the only one who has ever been married to a cop." As if what? As if I had created all the very real danger and made it into some sort of drama? They just don't get it, and you can't make them. In a family event situation, I automatically switch topics and/or start talking about the last time I threw up, in full vivid technicolor sometimes works to get that person moving on along...;)


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