Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Turn Your Back

As my husband wound up the first of the two Officer's funerals and is poised to attend the second Officer's funeral this weekend, I have had scores of people ask me, "Did he turn his back?"
Of course he did.
And I am so proud.
Proud of him, and proud of every other member of the NYPD who made a statement last Saturday in honor of Officer Ramos. Please understand this: the idiots in the media---and especially the radical idiots on social media---that would have you to believe that the Officers turning their backs was some sort of disrespectful political protest have it all wrong.
I assure you that it was less political and more emotional.
I assure you that although it dishonored the mayor (small m on purpose) that it was meant to honor the slain Officer.
I can assure you that I was on the phone last night with my dear friend whose husband is LAPD, and that two Officers were shot at the other night in Los Angeles County.
It, this awful idea that it's open season on cops, it has bled across this country and has caused problems that we have only yet to see.  
She hasn't eaten in a week.
I know for sure that prayers are going up, all over the land, for our Officer's safety.
I have peace in that, but furor in my heart, and I will not be silenced.
Even if my only sound is this Blog, and my Show, and my role in a Law Enforcement Family.
Or the sound of my husband turning on his heel, back toward the ineffective, hapless, hopeless mayor.

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