Friday, July 3, 2015

About Last Night

Photo by Me

Old friends
Hot air
Cutting swiftly
Times Square
Selfie sticks are on the rise, tourists almost paralyzed, NYPD doing their best, can't take in all the rest
I'm catching that damn train
Summer scenes
In a flash
Great night out
Lots of laughs
The City, you are my Best Friend
Fashion forward
Setting the trend
At a crosswalk
I take a snap
Look over my shoulder
No looking back
I smile at a stranger
"It never gets old."
I laugh and let
The night unfold
It's me, it's in me, it's who I am
No question
No answer
No's easy on a Summer night
Amidst all of the shining lights
To love my friend, my City, my joy
My heartbeat, pulse, soul
To know you know
That you shaped my fate
And somehow
I am whole.

1 comment:

  1. A great night with a great friend in a great city!!


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