Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chaos Reigns Supreme

It began with a march---in his honor---and ended with a protest, that eventually led to gunfire.
That was Ferguson, Missouri yesterday.
Last weekend, there were ten shooting incidents in the City.
That was New York City, in case you hadn't heard.
If you seek out the Officer Down Memorial Page, you will find that there are already 71 Line of Duty deaths recorded for the year 2015.
And although some of those were vehicle-related accidents, there are far too many attributed to gunfire.
When chaos reigns supreme, this is in fact the result.
And I for one find it disgusting and disheartening. Where are the politicians, standing up for those who stand in the line of fire? They're busy worrying about their image...or the next election...or what will sound best, parsing their words in the politically correct world that we live in today.
And until everyone is sick enough...nothing will change.

Officer Down Memorial Page: 

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